Port of Mõntu Price List

(Prices do not include 20% VAT)

I Port service fees and the implementation of those in Port of Mõntu

1. Port fee
1.1 1.20 EUR/GT

1.2 Fee for fishing vessels

During fishing season, a fee of 35 EUR / 24 h is charged from fishing vessels. Other services
are provided according to the price list of the port.

• Fishing vessel repair and demurrage price is 16 EUR / day

2. Slip fee
2.1 Slip fee for other vessels
0,2 EUR meter / hour
2.2 Additional slip fee for cargo ships

2.3 Slip fee for yachts and cutters (includes 20% VAT)

Vessels with demurrage of up to 1 hour Free
Vessels with demurrage of 1 – 8 hours (without overnight stay) 10 €
Vessels with a length of up to 8,0 m 10 € / 24 h
Vessels with a length of 8.0 m to 10.0 m 20 € / 24 h

Vessels with a length of 10.0 m to 13.0 m 25 € / 24 h
Vessels with a length of 13.0 m to 20.0 m 30 € / 24 h
Vessels with a length of 20.0 m 3.50 € / m / 24 h

• The port fee for yachts and cutters includes the following: slip, fresh water, electricity, use
of WC-s, use of showers and waste reception.
• Standing time in port for more than 8 hours is considered a started full day and is charged
according to the length of the vessel.

3. Passenger fee (includes 20% VAT)
Fee for passengers arriving in / departing from ports: 1 EUR / person
• Passenger fee is separately calculated on each passenger arriving and departing on the ship.
• Ferry lines have the passenger fee stipulated in the port service agreements.

4. Sales of electricity
According to the average cost of kW/h, to which the 30% maintenance fee for electrical
equipment is added.

5. Sales of water to ships
Price of water in Port of Mõntu is 4.0 EUR / ton

6. Waste fee for cargo and passenger ships
64 EUR / dockage
• Includes reception of up to 1 ton of household waste.

7. Reception of household waste from fishing vessels and small boats
25 EUR / m3

8. Other services (includes 20% VAT)
Use of shower 4.0 EUR / person
Use of sauna 20 EUR / hour

9. Contractual fees and prices
9.1. Person in possession of ships performing state functions of Republic of Estonia
(Maritime Administration, Environmental Inspectorate, AS Eesti Loots) and operators of
other passenger ships shall pay port and slip fees according to the contracts concluded between them and OÜ Mõntu Sadam. In the absence of a contract, these persons pay port fees in accordance to the provisions set out in this price list.
9.2. The rental prices of buildings, facilities and rooms in possession of OÜ Mõntu Sadam are
regulated by the respective agreements.

10. Discounts
10.1. Ships that have entered the port to bring ashore the sick, those suffered a shipwreck or
the dead, are exempt from the payment of port fee.
10.2. Prices and port charges for services provided to contractual customers may differ from
those specified in this price list.