Port of Mõntu is located in Mõntu village, on the east coast of the Sõrve peninsula.

The territory of the port covers 14,600 m2 of land, 70,800 m2 of water.
The port has 3 berths with a total length of 242 m; the maximum depth by the berth Is 5.2 m.
Largest possible vessel: length 135 m, width 18 m, draft 4,5 m.
Ship traffic is managed with the beacon of Mõntu wharf, lower beacon of Mõntu leading lights and
the higher beacon of Mõntu leading lights.

The following services are provided:

Between 2005–2008, ferry line from Port of Mõntu to Ventspils was used, possibility of putting the
line back in service are currently studied.